Jasjeet Kaur (M.Tech)

Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering

List of Publications

Publication TypeDetails
National Publications Jasjeet Kaur “Swarm Robotics: An Artificial Intelligence based technique of Swarm Intelligence” published in national conference on recent trends in computer technology(RTCT-2014) at Sant Baba Bhag Singh Institute of Engineering & Technology Padhiana, Sept. 2014
International Publications Jasjeet Kaur,” Systematic review on soft computing techniques: A brief case study” in International Multi Track Conference on Sciences ,Engineering & Technical Innovations, May 2015
International Publications Jasjeet Kaur, Tajinder Kaur, “Selection of software reliability growth model on the basis of real time data sets” in International journal of electronics communication and computer engineering, volume-3, Issue -4, July 2012
International Publications Jasjeet Kaur, Tajinder Kaur, “crossbreed Algorithm for regression testing by comparing BCO,GA,ACO” in International Journal of advanced research in computer science and software engineering, ISSN : 2277 128X, Volume-3, Issue -5, pp-1027-1034 , May-2013
National Publications Jasjeet Kaur “ Review on Image Segmentation Techniques”,in proc. of national conference on Engineering Applications(NCEA)” 2011
National Publications Jasjeet Kaur “ Software Reengineering and Reverse Engineering”, in proc. of UGC Sponsord National conference on Emerging trends in computing and Information Technology 2011 pp.194-196
National Publications Jasjeet Kaur “ A Systematic review of Regression Test Selection Techniques: An Impirical Study” in PTU sponsored National Conference on Emerging researches in Engineering , Technology & Management(ERETM)-2012